222nm Far UV Disinfection Wand




The Krypton-M is a 222nm Far UV Disinfection Wand used to eliminate, and prevent the spread of bacteria and pathogens on high-touch surfaces. This handheld wand is lightweight, portable, and has a high-capacity, 2 hour battery life. It is quiet and reaches full power instantly without delays. The wand weighs 4 pounds and is a foot in length overall.  The effective UV disinfection zone is 12X8 inches.

To use this wand keep it about 4 inches above the surface you plan to disinfect.  With a sweeping motion go over the area 3 times (about 1ft/second) to achieve up to 99.9% disinfection. Please be sure to wear gloves, long sleeve and protective UVC Safe glasses when operating this device.

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